woolly bully

I don’t know anyone these days who would say they are “for” bullying. Most people if asked about it would condemn bullies and bullying with regards to kids in school right? I mean I’d like to think that in my head that most people don’t think that bullying is a good thing. Every school district has policies regarding bullying and how to address it and it is always addressed during the IEP process for special education so we know that it’s important. We know the effects of bullying both on the bullies and the bullied and we know that they can lead to suicide, severe depression, self injurious behavior, substance abuse just to name a few. Generally speaking these are not pleasant outcomes. So it has become a hot topic in schools and with school officials and with parents of kids in schools. They speak out against bullying, shun bullies, attend trainings about bullying, and confront bullies and their parents/guardians regarding their behavior. And this is what we all should be doing because we know that bullying is not appropriate behavior at best and is deadly at worst. Right?

So then explain to me how it is okay to have a bully as the President of our country. Go ahead, I’m waiting. Maybe you’ll say, aw he just tells it like it is, he’s honest, he’s just saying what everyone is thinking, I think it’s funny, it’s just teasing, he’s just a regular guy like us, etc. etc. etc. Maybe you’ll say that the people on the other end deserve his taunts and his derogatory comments and his jabs and his name calling because they don’t believe in the same policies you do. Maybe you’ll say he doesn’t really mean it and people should just get over it and are making too big a deal of it. Well, guess what, this is exactly what bullies and parents of bullies will say when confronted about their behavior. So here’s the newsflash for all of you who provide excuses and support his behavior: HE IS A BULLY. Plain and simple. There’s not even a question regarding this and if he were in school in this decade he’d be reprimanded, suspended, and dealt with appropriately to make sure that his behavior changed and the innocent protected. He would not be allowed to continue his tirades, racist comments, and aggressive and threatening behavior towards people who don’t give him what he wants.

Here is the definition of a bully:

Bully: (verb) use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants.

Synonyms are: Persecute, oppress, tyrannize, browbeat, harass, torment, intimidate, strong-arm and dominate.

These are not my definitions, these are the Webster Dictionary definitions of Bully. Donald Trump is a bully by definition. Even when the man was on TV as a reality star I knew he was a bully as he used his authority to demean people and he enjoyed it. When he started out as a real estate mogul in NYC I knew he was a bully. It is not hard to identify a bully contrary to popular belief. Bullies don’t hide who they are, they flaunt it in front of your face because they want to exert their perceived power over you and they thrive off of bringing others who maybe don’t have as much power, authority, or money down because they can. Yes, they do it because they can and they relish in it and enjoy it. They repeatedly harass people calling them names and degrading them in public without any remorse or thought to their actions. And this is what the current President is doing and if you don’t see it then I don’t understand you or your thought process and I have to assume that you yourself are a bully.

So if you voted for this President and you continue to support him even though he is a bully, a racist, and a womanizer then I consider you complicit and culpable in bullying behavior. I hold you personally responsible for sending a message to children and to the world that this behavior is acceptable and okay. I do not want to hear from any people who voted for this person and supports this person that “bullying in school is bad and should not be tolerated”. You have no right to talk about it. You have no right to speak up against it. You are responsible for it because you have allowed and have condoned bullying behavior in the highest office of this country and that is shameful.

This goes way beyond party affiliations so please don’t use this as an excuse. I don’t want to hear it, it has no merit here, just stop. This is about human decency and the lack of it at the highest level of government; in an office that children look up to everyday and may aspire to reach. So spare me your politics and be a human being; until you start doing that, I don’t want to hear a word from you.


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