Lessons from the fitbit

I recently bought a fitbit much to my own chagrin. I had often wondered about people who wore them, more specifically I wondered why in god’s name they wore them. *I feel it only proper to tell you that I just stepped in dog vomit and had to clean it off of my shoes and the floor lest you think my life were less than glamorous.* Anyway, I always wondered at what the magic of the fitbit really was. Like did you put it on and just become fit? Did all your dreams come true when the fitbit was securely fastened around your wrist? Did it hurt? Would I become part of some cult that prayed to the god of fitbit? Well I had to know and a bunch of really awesome friends of mine were recently discussing the fitbit and all wanting to get fit together so I figured, what the fuck? I’m gonna get me one and see what it’s all about.

So I give you, things I’ve learned from the fitbit. Both about myself and about the fitbit but mostly about myself.

  1. I am lazy as fuck during some points in the day. Like I could just dig into the couch and mold to it and not move for hours. HOURS. I kind of knew this a little but I had no idea the extent till the fitbit started yelling at me to GET MOVING AMY. And I’m generally a good listener so I listened. And the times of day are fairly predictable. Like the minute I get home from work and remove my bra basically until I make dinner and then back again till the morning if I let it go. I mean I do go to the gym some nights but in between work and the gym? Nappy time. Or lifetime movie time. Or just zone out with drool pouring out of one side of my mouth time. So yeah, the fitbit lovingly showed me how lazy I really am and I do appreciate it (stupid fucking fitbit).
  2. I don’t sleep well. I kind of knew this based upon the fact that I tend to be very tired in the morning but to see how restless I was in the middle of the night and how many times I was actually awake and up was eye opening (see what I did there). So I know I need to figure out a way to sleep better. I think getting rid of the kids would help but I don’t think that’s really acceptable so I may have to try something different. Any suggestions are useful. I already do yoga and try to stop eating by 7 so don’t tell me those. I also have no problem falling asleep cause old but staying asleep is a different story all together. So please, help a sister out if you have any suggestions.
  3. I am really, really goal oriented and motivated. There is something so beautiful when the fitbit starts buzzing frantically and flashing fireworks telling me I’ve reached my 10,000 steps for the day or beyond. No, really. I will do anything to make my goal. I will climb up and down the stairs in my house, park really far away from a destination or just walk in circles to get the positive feedback. I am like the poster child for pavlov’s dogs. Not really sure what this says about me. Not really sure I want to know either. But there it is. If nothing else, I do find myself moving more during the day to get those steps.
  4. I never realized how much I was missing by not moving. The fitbit has pushed me outside more as I know I get more steps when I run or walk outside. When I was running a lot I did get outside but most of the time I was so focused on not dying or passing out or what my pace was, that I missed all that was around me. With this I actually find myself noticing people and saying hi or stopping and striking up a conversation rather than making sure I get my miles in in a certain amount of time. I had forgotten how much I love looking at nature and feeling the rhythm of my breath and my steps and just being outside with the elements. It’s hokey I know, but today I found myself totally playing hide and seek with a squirrel which I can promise you never would have happened prior. Related, I think the fitbit has drugs in it.
  5. I have realized that when I’ve been sitting a lot during the day at work I’m usually in stressful meetings that make me feel tired but really it’s not physical fatigue I’m feeling, it’s mental and emotional fatigue. So really this means that I shouldn’t come home and think “I’m tired, I should lie down”. I should come home and think “I’m tired, I should go for a refreshing and energizing walk”. I can tell you that I am far better off for moving after a draining day than coming home and crashing on the couch or in my bed. Although I do miss my lifetime movies.
  6. The dogs really love to walk. Before the fitbit, I’d come home and let the dogs romp around in the backyard while I got comfy somewhere. They seemed happy. My terrier would bask in the sun and pull her lead towards the squirrels climbing trees and strangle herself trying to get them. The lab would chew sticks till he puked. We were all good. But not really. The dogs LOVE to walk. When they were younger I walked them a lot but then life caught up and kids got demanding and the job became full time and the dogs got put out in the yard. Well, walking the dogs now is like a good 2,000 steps so I’m walking them. And they love every minute. The smelling and digging and walking and seeing other dogs. They love it. Anyway, of course I always knew the importance of walking my dogs but I let my husband do that once a day until now.
  7. Little changes make a big difference. I had become that person that had to find the closest parking spot to the entrance. I never thought I would be that person, but here I am. With my friend the fitbit I park as far away as I possibly can so I get extra steps in. No drive thrus either anymore. My kids hate it but it’s good for them as well so I really don’t care. My challenge now is finding the spot farthest away from where I am going which can also be difficult, believe me.
  8. I like competition. With myself, with others. It’s fun. I’m competitive. So sue me.
  9. Stairs are really hard. Like really hard. I work in a school system so I am constantly going up and down stairs but when you try to do it to get steps in or to be active they are hard. Stairs make me feel old. I don’t like you stairs.
  10. I’m glad I got myself a fitbit. I may not lose a pound and that’s ok. It’s made me more mindful of moving and it’s gotten my ass back outside and off the couch. It’s shown me that little changes everyday can lead to profound results. Again, it’s probably drugged but you’ll have to buy one and find out for yourself.

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