I travel the world and the seven seas

It seems like everywhere I looked on social media last week and this people were away in some far off magical place doing something extraordinarily fun. I love seeing the pictures of all of your families enjoying the fun and the relaxation, really I do. But for fuck’s sake how do you do it? When I was growing up we made a yearly pilgrimage to Florida to see the dinosaurs, I mean grandparents. All the other school breaks we did the usual, slept late, ate a lot of snack foods, and hung out with friends who weren’t skiing or visiting their grandparents. We went on one real vacation when I was 16 and my sister 11 on a cruise to the Caribbean and it was like heaven, it was like a warm fallen chocolate souffle cooked to perfection and savored slowly until the last bite was gone. We appreciated the fuck out of that trip because we really didn’t go on any other vacations worth talking about.

Nowadays it’s aruba, jamaica, girl I wanna take you all over the place. It’s exotic landscapes with the whole family and sun kissed bodies in bathing suits and all inclusive resorts and good for all of you. I really do love seeing your vacations, really, I’m not being facetious. It makes me live vicariously through you since my vacation consisted of not wearing a bra for a week, but to each her own I guess. You may think I’m being snarky with that but I’m not because I’ve reflected a lot on the situation I’m in where we really can’t travel the world and the seven seas in the literal sense. And yes, I will always love Annie Lennox.

There was a time I’d mourn not being away and become sickingly green with envy at those who were away and seeing the world. That time is over. It is a waste of my precious energy. Energy that is needed to appreciate the world that is right in front of me and swim in the sea of every day. Instead I’ve decided to use that energy in a different way to really soak up the meat and marrow of the life I’m currently living (or chickpeas and tofu if you’re a veg). What does this entirely mean? I’m not sure but I’m giving it a try.

To me right now it means finding the beauty in an every day moment like my two children taking a break from killing each other to raising each other up and laughing with each other. It is cooking a delicious meal and seeing the smiles on my family



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