National slip up day.

So it seems to me that there’s a national day for just about everything these days even when there’s not really. For instance, national daughter’s day became a thing last week even though it really isn’t a thing. Today is national coffee day which is a day I totally and completely endorse, unlike so many other days. Well people, I really think there should be a national slip up day. You know, the day where you back slide, take a few steps backwards, feel like shit, don’t have your act together, fall off the wagon, or just fall on your face. And let me tell you the reason why I think this day is oh so important. It’s because you have to sometimes take five or ten steps back before you gain enough momentum to move yourself forward. Sometimes you have fall back into your old ineffective patterns to know that the new ones you’ve created are so much better for you. Sometimes you have to royally fuck up in order to grow and change. Sometimes you only know your successes when you see how far you’ve really come by going back to the dark places.

This is where we are now. My daughter had a slip up, a set back, a regression. She is back in a partial day program. This at very first seemed devastating and I thought we were spiraling back down into the dumpster of life, but then I took a deeper look after many long breaths and a big glass of wine. What I’ve realized is that this is my daughter’s chance to fall flat on her face and pick herself up, brush herself off, and put one foot in front of the other. She needed this to happen because all too often we get complacent and we forget that we are human and we lose our resiliency until we are forced to find it again. And while I could see this as a failure, I see it instead as an opportunity to gain enough strength to push forward even while sliding backwards.

So in honor of national slip up day, I give you me, this morning, wearing two different colored shoes which I didn’t realize until someone at school pointed it out.



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  1. I’m so glad for National Slip Up Day because that most certainly happened today. Do over mañana?

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