Why all women should watch Pride and Prejudice, the BBC version, when they are PMS

  • Colin Firth in a wet, white shirt. Duh.
  • The food. The food is everywhere. Meats and cheeses and soups and fruits and pastries. All the time.
  • The A-line dress is all you see. The dress accentuates the boobage and distracts from anything else that might be going on down below, like bloat, cellulite, muffins, or all the meats, cheeses, fruits and pastries you just consumed.
  • When Mrs. Bennett goes a little nutso because her teenage daughter makes a bad choice she gets to be confined to her room for days and days with everyone waiting on her.
  • You can direct all your anger to the antagonists. For example, you can call Lady Catherine DeBourgh a fucking bitch or Mr. Collins a spineless little twat and it’s totally ok. You can even call the Bingley sisters the C word if you so choose and nobody would say anything.
  • The mini series is so long it is well suited to eating an entire bag of smart food and chocolate frosting together in one sitting.
  •  Nobody else in your family will want to watch it so you will have 6 hours of time to yourself.
  •  Did I mention the food?
  • You feel about as crazy as Mrs. Bennett really is and you wish someone would bring YOU a glass of wine to help your poor nerves.
  • Colin Firth.

The end.


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