Current status

I have a heart condition that I rarely think about because I have other things that are more pressing on my mind. But every year I have to go to the cardiac clinic at Tufts in Boston to get a full work up. Usually it’s a pain in the ass what with the driving through Chinatown and the parking and the hour long echo filled with taking small, medium, and big breaths but this time? I’m stoked. My husband came home early to take care of our daughter and I told everyone I am unavailable. UNAVAILABLE. It’s like a slice of heaven. I don’t have to manage after school drama or activities or shit. I am just quietly sitting here waiting for my hot cardiologist to come in. Oh, did I not mention my cardiologist is hot? He is. I have a crush on him. As a matter of fact, he’s on my allowable list since he pretty much is a hero and takes very good care of my…um heart. So I’m gonna milk this for all its worth because I need some time by myself even if it’s in a doctor’s office waiting, and the eye candy is a bonus.

If you don’t hear from me soon, I’ve stolen him away from his super hot wife and we are on some remote island. 


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