Fairytales and other such nonsense

Once there was a girl. She was not particularly good at anything. She was mediocre at best even though she longed to stand out. She was told in the 6th grade that her IQ wasn’t quite high enough or special enough to be in honors classes when she got to middle school so she’d have to be in the regular classes. Regular. What a word. So she once again felt like a failure at being anything other than ordinary. 

At about the same time she started blooming (that’s what they say in fairy tales, go with it). And she bloomed before anyone else but instead of being a beautiful budding rose, she became a large cumbersome type of shrubbery. And everyone noticed. They called her whale and would make creaking sounds when she walked across the floor. She wanted to hide, to cease to exist, to go away. She wanted magic fairies to come pick her up and turn her into a beautiful princess like they do in the movies.

But alas, this was not meant to be. So instead she numbed the mediocrity and the pain and the sadness. She learned to drink and to smoke cigarettes and fool around with boys so that she could escape into a realm other than the one in which she resided. And she almost pricked her finger and fell into an eternal sleep.

Until one day she met a magic queen. She saw her every week, sometimes twice a week and every time she would see her, the queen would make her hold up a “magic” mirror. The queen would ask the girl “what do you see”. And the girl would say “nothing, I see nothing”. On other days the girl would say “fat, ugly, stupid, bad”. And everyday the queen would make her do it again. And slowly the magic queen weaved a spell on the girl so that one day, the girl looked in the mirror and said “I see pretty blue eyes”.  And after a while the magic queen had woven a spell so powerful that the girl no longer needed the weekly visits or the mirror and she knew that the queen had given her the greatest gift of her life, self love.

This magical queen is much in need now for another girl. And for the woman who was once a girl in need of magic. 

Where are all the magic queens when you need them?


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